Our Process

While each client and project are different, PW3D has developed a streamlined process for production of 3D images and scale models, which ensures all work is delivered on time, to budget and at the highest quality.

Steps are listed below or download FACT SHEET HERE

Step 1: Scope of work

To obtain a quote please send any preview files in .pdf format along with the site address details of your project, via our online enquiry form or email info@pw3d.com.au

We will reply within 24 hours or less with a solution and quote options.

Step 2: Quote approval and initial payment

Once the quote has been approved in writing, you will be required to make a 50% deposit payment before production can commence.

Step 3:

Please note: PW3D will accept all program formats such as Sketchup and Revit and will advise on receipt of such files if they can be worked with. For an additional price we can also freehand model if these formats are the only options available to you.
For scale models we will separate the files supplied and laser cut directly from them.

During this stage we will also discuss and determine the optimal view angles for 3D renders or provide an outline of the base sizing for scale models, for final confirmation.

Step 4: Stage A structure modeling

Stage A modeling will commence based on the agreed outcomes in Step 3. For typical projects these will be sent within 2 days of receipt of all information.

For 3D Renders the first previews in Stage A are issued in grey wireframe format.

Our Process Stage A
Stage A

For scale model production we will send the first photos showing etching in white with initial joins.

Step 5: Stage A approval

Client to review and provide written approval of the Stage A structure modeling. If any changes are required these are to be clearly marked on the proofs provided.

At this point you will need to provide a Finishes schedule, which includes colour names and supplier information along with any labeled or coloured elevations and internal sections.

Step 6: Stage B production commences and previews issued

For 3D Renders the Stage B previews are issued in for your approval.

Our Process Stage B
Stage B

For scale model production you will receive colour photos for approval.

Step 7: Stage B review and final approval

Once the Stage B image previews or colour photos of the model are supplied we require final confirmation of the view angles, the structure and the applied finishes.

Please note: In Stage B format we can still rotate the views and send further options without you incurring any additional charges.

For 3D renders you will also need to decide on:

  • Lighting preferences – day, sunset or night effect to be used
  • People to be used – the number, gender, ages, style, position on render
  • Cars – any to be used, make, style, quantity, position on render.

To continue to Stage C production, client to provide final written approval of all structure, the applied finishes and view angles.

Step 7: The finishing touches – Stage C and final approval

During this final stage of production (Stage C), PW3D will apply the agreed lighting effects, people, cars and any final landscaping.

Once Stage C previews are supplied to you, any changes at this point can only be minor final production items e.g. lighting effects, people and cars.

Client to provide written approval to proceed to final production.

Our Process Stage C
Stage C

Step 8: Final payment and files supplied.

At this final stage, you will need to provide the balance of 50% to PW3D (make payment) at which point your print and web ready files will be supplied via our preferred file-sharing network, WeTransfer.